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Stories of the Diaspora 



The African diaspora is an incredibly powerful phenomena filled with endless complexities. It has shaped and given vibrant color to the world in countless dynamic ways, connecting people from thousands of miles and centuries through a shared African heritage. As Black and Afro-Latino people, we have a special connection to this global community that spans centuries and continents. Within this far reaching community are compelling stories - the stories of us. Watu Moja views stories as a way to explore our relationship with our vast network of cultures, tribes, languages, customs, religions, and histories that make up our collective identity as Africans around the world. Our stories have a kinetic power to move hearts, inspire souls, and build bridges between divided continents.


This storytelling prompt encourages writers, filmmakers, poets, and artists of every guild to reflect on how they are connected with their global family. This affords the opportunity for various vital themes to be explored, such as the sense of belonging to a global African tribe, the richness of ancestry, the power of cultural exchange, experiences living abroad or within one’s own country, historical migration patterns, issues of language barriers faced among expatriates, and the embrace and expression of one's own Blackness.


Themes within Story telling may be approached both abstractly, through philosophical lenses, or concretely, such as personal anecdotes concerning being shaped through the experiences of living in either multicultural or monocultural contexts.


Ultimately, telling these stories will provide insight and meaning to our personal and collective standing within our local communities/tribes and also across global borders. A deeper understanding of our geographical, cultural, and spiritual formations enables us to better appreciate the impact and power within each storyteller’s voice and synergy inspired by such voices lifted together.


Application Deadline

Watu Moja Storytelling application will be open from October 7th to December 9th.  


Winners will be announced on December 16th 

Grant Period


The fellowship spans January 10th - April 30th. Within this time fellows will create their chosen project. 

University Name

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